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Winding M/C
It is an advanced machine to wind armature coils for electronic motors with optimized control unit, program and structure of machine for the fastest winding. The units have patents.
Powder Coating M/C
All these machines were depended on imports before however our company has  developed the machine and localized 100%. It coats powder by high-frequency induction heating. Because of our machines,  foreign companies can’t enter to Korea.  A patent is registered for this machine.
DC Fusing M/C
DC Controller ( Micro  Processor  and  Sensor  Controller ) is  self-developed.  DC fusing  is applied with conversions for various armature jacks and control program to input 100 welding models.  It is a technology to supply electricity  far safer than AC fusing achieving maximum welding status by pulse  width adjustment.  In spite of its complex  implementation and high cost, we have merchandised it compensating them with exclusive program development.
Armature Test System(ATS)
It’s a machine to test electric resistance and internal pressure of armature and takes pride in the  world - best  performances.  Especially,  μ Ω welding  resistance  measurement  is  an advanced technology, which Japanese equipment hasn’t been achieved yet. This technology is developed by government grant and applying in the products.
Balancing M/C
With world-best technology, it implements  performances of  1.5mg  reproducibility  and  1º angle. We are planning to specialize in it as our major  products achieving best productivity. Advanced vibration analysis technology is  added and several parts are applied for patents.
It is designed not only for automatic compensation in the cutting unit measuring balance but also for ultra-precise  cutting with self condition adjustment.  The patent for this product has the only  technology in the world  with international  application. ( We are proceeding with a German company regarding technology transfer.)
Produce period
  1) Facilities production part : Development complete situation, Now, Ready to possible
                                         order at once olelivery.
2)Motor production Part : Four line construction complete, Now, Seat Motor Type Rotor                                     producing from North America GM company.
Production Period : Each part Directly outset possible
Equipment Selling
  Domestic - 95% Market possession Target
Overseac - 2004 year 200million Export Target Driving(Export Extension rate 100% Attainment)
Export Strategy
   - Price(More 30% cheap than competition company), Quality Superiority policy.
   - Through the Overseas Exhibition Attend, continue Advbertisement, unearthing Buyers.
   - KOTRA Public Information Advantage, China Filed Cooperation Establish, Branch Parallel