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We firmly  promise you that  we will try to  make a ceaseless effort  to be a sincere  and reliable company  under a strong  slogan of  "We  can  do  it!".
We,  Ace  electronics  Co., Ltd., are  exerting  ourselves  to  the  utmost  to manufacture  as well as distribute a better quality  of machineries produced by  continuous  development  of  our  technology  as well  as an intelligible sense of duty since our company was formed.

According  to a high level of growth  to modern  industry,  we have come to bear a part keeping pace with automatization tendency of machineries.
In particular, the market of industrial machinery so far was taken by foreign-made   machineries.  However,  home - made  machineries   recently   are gaining a good reputation comparing  to imported machineries in quality  as well as function,  by concentrating on R&D on the basis of a good, creative, aggressive and high-level of idea.

As the result of our works,  we have secured the unique field of  technology owing  to the development  of excellent programs related  to many  kinds of applied FA machineries.

In   the  future,  by  investing  our  ample  funds,   tireless  efforts,   creative technology  and  also  continuous  R&D  to the automatization  of  industrial machineries,  we   heartly  want  be   a  first  leading  company  in   Korea accomplishing a remarkable technical innovation. In addition, we would like to fulfill our mission accelerating repeated R&D for the next generation.

We,  Ace  Electronics Co., Ltd., will  keep  our promise  that we will  do our utmost to  be a reliable company  under a  strong slogan of "We can do it!", wish you infinite success.