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Corporate name : ACE Electronics Co.,Ltd

Location : 4 seongseo-ro 68-gil, Dalseo-Gu Daegu,
704-801 Korea

CEO : Kei-Jung Park
Company capitalized at 1,250,000,000 won

Founded in 1982, our company has been developing various machineries as well as sensors with the object of amateur  production  for  D.C motors. Owing to our constant  efforts for a long time,  we have come to  possess our  unique  technology on  a winding, balancing, test,  fusing  and powder coating machines. In this field, we have obtained ten patents, besides we are now applying for seven patents.

We have  started to develope a  balancing machine, coil serge scope, and  also developed  a winding machine, magnetizer in 1982 as well.  A road sensor in 1982, torque-meter in 1986,  ACELON(Ace MIC processor Control system) in 1987, insert/wedge inserter in 1992, commutator & injector and conveyor systems in 1993, turning machine, amateur test system  &  powder coating machine in 1994, checking system  for  function  of  an electronic motor in 1996. Since these machines have been developed, we are supplying them to many companies.
At present, we have done the development of sixteen axises CNC coiling and bending systems since we  developed  the amateur test system in 2001. Our efforts like this has resulted in success of having obtained  evaluation  titling  "Superiority"  from Korea Institute of Industrial Technology  Evaluation  and Planning.

After the years of our efforts,  the fruits  Ace Electronics Co.,  Ltd.  has accomplished  can be cleared from a reason.  That means we have fostered invisible native power which is achieved from domestic economy by home-manufacturing facilities for a motor that is like a desert.  If there  was no  spirit of a venture businessman who tried to overcome many hardships and difficulties from the beginning of his business  at  a small  room  twenty one years  ago  to being a reliable small-medium  company right now, the remarkable  results like this to be recorded in  technical history of our country will haven't  to be existed.

The history of our goods was enough to contribute to the growth of Korean technology. Besides, at the exhibition which was held in Germany,  June last year, Europeans who hold the source of technology on facilities  for motor production just marveled  at the excellence of our technology. It means  that our technology  and quality of our manufactured  goods have come to enjoy great reputation at Europe. As a  leader  of  this technical  department,  we  are  always so  happy  to  play an  important  role as an industrial guide who takes the lead all the time.

In  the  meantime,  we  have  participated  in  ventured  companies(R & D investment  companies), in selecting excellent companies  on technology,  aspiring  small-medium  companies  on export,  new development projects on technical innovation  and the like businesses,  by establishing an institute of technology for our company.
In addition,  we worked  out decades  of patents improving  our  remarkable  technologies  as well as skills we accomplished, applied for a utility model as well.  These our sustained efforts enabled us to reduce scores of steps toward national technology. In order to develope it all the more on the basis of secured technology, we spared no effort our investments to research and development of it.
Since  we  considered  that  our competitive  power  through  technical  innovation  was  equal  to the competitive  power  of the world,  we  have  been concentrating  on  the  development  of  competitive technology.  we  will  try  to  manufacture  directly  motors of  automobiles  on the basis of our ample experiences  having invested to  the development of facilities  line on motor production by  planning to found  the promotion  department  for a  motor  in the future.  As the  result of our efforts,  all our  staffs including  me are doing  our best to export  them to the world markets as main items representing our company.